Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Raw Story: Krystle Knight Jewellery

Krystal Knight Jewellery, raw crystals, healing,

I have had a soft spot for raw crystal jewellery ever since the trend took off. Regardless of whether or not you believe in its powers, admittedly wearing a chunk of crystal does look pretty cool.

Designer Krystle Knight began her eponymous label after being "inspired by the exquisite elemental beauty which surrounds her". The label specialises in creating raw crystal pieces in brass and sterling silver. Today Knight talks about her brand and the spiritual connection she feels with the stones she works with.

1. Describe how Krystle Knight began. 

After working in fashion for seven years, it was a natural progression. I’ve always had a love for jewellery and also for crystals, so it made sense to be able to bring both of those loves together.
I am inspired by everything from photography, the ocean, an endless summer, and the simple natural beauty of the crystals themselves.

Krystal Knight Jewellery, raw crystals, healing,

2. What made you so passionate about working with raw crystals? 

I have always had interest in the healing powers of crystals and I have always carried around a little pouch of crystals in my handbag (I think I got this little trait from my mum). I find the natural beauty of crystals so fascinating; each piece has its very own characteristics; which also makes each piece individual and special for our customers.

I mainly work with Clear Quartz, which is my favourite stone and is known to be the master healer of all crystals. I have been wearing a clear quartz crystal for years around my neck and really do feel the power of the stone.

Quartz is a stone of harmony, which balances energies and emotions, while increasing inspiration and creativity. It works on all areas of the mind and body; awakening, amplifying & transmitting energy, while clarifying the thought processes and clearing away negative energies.
I also have some exclusive Rose Quartz pieces, which is the stone of love. It promotes unconditional love, forgiveness, infinite peace and compassion. It creates harmony in relationships and teaches us about the true essence of love. It purifies and opens up the heart allowing us to express our emotions.

Krystal Knight Jewellery, raw crystals, healing,
3. Describe the planning and design process that goes into creating a new collection.
I am now designing four collections a year and at any one time I am designing a new collection, shooting a different collection & also launching a new one. It doesn’t stop! But I love it.

When designing a new collection, I look at past collections and also see what our customers are asking for.  There are quite a few things I must keep in mind when I am designing and one thing is simplicity. 

4. What are your favourite clothes to pair with a Krystal Knight piece? 

I will mix up pieces and coloured stones depending on my outfit. I am a denim shorts and low side slung singlet type of girl, so layering all of my jewellery with a casual outfit can really dress an outfit up and make it perfect for a night out.

5. You recently stocked some homeware pieces such as Agate bookends and crystal candle holders. What gave you the idea to branch out into lifestyle products? 

This also for me, was a natural progression, I spotted them while sourcing new crystals and had to have them, the colours are so stunning and the intricate natural beauty of them are so so beautiful! I am working on some new home wares projects coming up, which I cannot wait to share! 

All pictures belong to Krystle Knight. 

By Sharon Jiang 

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Accessories Edit: Boho Winters

Headpiece, Bracelet, Ring: c/o Circa (shop HERE)
Necklace: Real Leaf Jewellery (shop HERE)
Tea Cup: T2 (shop HERE
Jumper: ASOS 

I was once told it is the 'accessories that make the outfit'.

Taking inspiration from this quote, I'm starting a new segment Accessories Edit where I style my favourite jewellery pieces giving you an up close and personal view of their delicate details. The chosen pieces will be put into a creative context; whether it be colour coordinated with props and clothing or showing a unique spin at wearing certain styles in different seasons.

To kick off this chapter I've picked some gold pieces from Circa and Real Leaf Jewellery all connected by a bohemian aesthetic. Featuring natural elements such as leaves and animal references, the pieces itself scream breezy summer festivals. But here I'm subverting the generic styling of denim cut offs and crop tops. Such boho pieces can brighten up a winter outfit and look refreshing yet cosy paired with a heavy knit.
In this instance, I'm working with a colour palette of sky blue and fuchsia to compliment the gold tones. The tea cup was included for good measure considering this is a winter shoot; a prop that surprisingly went well with the overall look. I sat there for a good half hour holding the cup close to my face but never actually drinking out of it. If that's not awkward I don't know what is ...

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Spotlight: Art by Ling McGregor

Art by Ling McGregor, Ling McGregor, UTS Student, Illustration, Primped and Primed, floral crown, Gary Pepper Vintage
Art by Ling McGregor, Ling McGregor, UTS Student, Illustration, Primped and Primed, floral crown, Gary Pepper Vintage
It is an awesome moment when interviewer and interviewee goes to the same university. I met Ling McGregor, a student at the University of Technology Sydney and part time illustrator about three months ago at a blogger brunch. We bonded over our UTS pride, chatting casually about the happy and stressful times at uni. Such is the coincidence that we both study a combined degree in Communications; hers with Law and mine with International Studies.

Our conversation flowed from uni life to fashion which was how I discovered her talent for illustration. I assumed it was just a pastime but much to my surprise, this young uni student has turned her hobby into a business. McGregor's whimsical and detailed artworks has gained a substantial following on social media where she gets regular commissioned jobs to draw her customers. Being the perfect candidate for an interview, Ling McGregor talks about her passion for drawing and her dual life as a uni student and illustrator. 

Her love of drawing dates back to her childhood. 
"I have always been drawing, painting or making things - when I was younger I used to draw on anything and everything and enter a lot of art competitions. Drawing is just something that I always wanted to do, and genuinely enjoy doing."

She has some wise words to say about 'talent'. 
"I don't think that talent is a finite capacity that anyone has; anything can be learnt. You can become good at absolutely anything by doing it constantly, making mistakes and then trying again - and in that, valuing the mistakes rather than successes. I am lucky in that I have always been surrounded by the most creative, hard working people who would be critical of all the out-of-proportion drawings along the way."

She jokingly told me she couldn't count when I asked for her top three inspirations. 
She named four: 
* My dad's oil paintings 
* Beautiful photography
* The lovely things that people say about it
* The smile my grandfather has when he shows someone my drawings. 

Art by Ling McGregor, Ling McGregor, UTS Student, Illustration, Primped and Primed, floral crown, Gary Pepper VintageOne artwork took six weeks to finish. 
"The artwork is titled 'Beguiled' (shown above) based on photography by Greta Tuckute.
About 60% was quickly finished in two days. However, the whole thing seemed to take so much longer as it was drawn over a period of six weeks in total (with an overseas trip in the middle leaving it unfinished for ages). It took a quite a long time to get this one started, and there was just so much lace and hair to get through but I am pretty happy with how it turned out." 

Art by Ling McGregor, Ling McGregor, UTS Student, Illustration, Primped and Primed, floral crown, Gary Pepper VintageHer favourite tools of the trade are "Graphite and colour pencils, with the help of erasers and pastel blenders." 

She merges her art knowledge with her Uni studies. 
"I am finding so many ways to incorporate art into my uni work. Art provides so much insight into a culture and its history, and quite naturally works it's way into essays for writing and cultural studies. More overtly, I have also had several assignments where I have been able to illustrate pieces of both fiction and non-fiction, and I like the idea of having art and writing published together more generally." 

She has too many dreams and future plans to count!
"I would really love to go into law or writing or editing, and I am probably going to be drawing regardless of which one I end up in. I am always excited for the opportunities that come up along the way, and right now I am happy doing a million internships and some really great commissioned projects while I try to figure it all out." 

She was inspired by my floral crown THE EUPHORIC. 

Art by Ling McGregor, Ling McGregor, UTS Student, Illustration, Primped and Primed, floral crown, Gary Pepper Vintage

All photos belong to Ling McGregor. 
You can check out her gallery HERE and follow her Facebook HERE

By Sharon Jiang 

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